New England's Hardest Boulder Problems

One of the more fun things we used to do at was maintain a "New England's Hardest" list of boulder problems and routes.  Below is the last version of the list of boulder problems (routes will be forthcoming) which we updated in February 2003.  A lot has changed since then, and we would like to update the list.  Please comment with problems you think should be added or grades on this list that should be changed, and we will update the list. Before you get up in arms, we know there are many grades that need to be changed, we just wanted to start with the old list for now.  As for repeats, we are only going to maintain repeat names for problems V12 and harder since there are many people climbing V10 and V11 now.

New England's Hardest Tick List

We have attempted to compile a ticklist of the hardest boulder problems and routes in New England. This is a work in progress, so please e-mail us if you notice any errors or omissions. We would like to expand this list to include more routes and boulder problems in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If you know of any boulder problems over V10 or routes over 14a in these states, please e-mail us.


Name                                   Rating    Area                                      FA                 Repeats

The Child of the Storm                   V13            Blair Woods, NH                       Dave Graham    Joe Kinder

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease             V13            Hunter's Rock, PA                     Chris Zweig         None

Ill Saint                                              V12/13      Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               None

Cojiba Linkup                                  V12            Peter's Kill, NY                            Ivan Greene        Vadim Vinokur, Graham

The Machine                                    V12            Farley, MA                                  Ken Majka         Graham, Andy Salo

B-Boy Stance                                   V12            Rumney, NH                              Kinder                  None

Sit Start to Terrordactyl                  V11/12      Farley, MA                                  Tyson Holub      None

Crouching Dragon                           V11/12      Gunks, NY                                  Bosley                  Greene

Lynn                                                  V11/12      Big Rocks, PA                            Zweig                   None

Chunk o Blitz                                   V11            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Kinder, Luke Parady, Hank Jones, Adam Osterhoff

Rat Fish Dyno                                  V11            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Brett Myers, Justin Bourque

Land Shark                                       V11            Rumney, NH                              Graham               Kinder

Back at You with Realness           V11            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Many

Phoenix                                             V11            Niagara Glen, ON                      Jeremy Smith     Simon Villeneuve

Satan's Choice                                 V11            Rumney, NH                              Parady                 Graham, Harry Robertson

Carajo                                               V11            Gunks, NY                                  Obe Carrion        Many

Ace Freely                                         V11            Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Boone Speed, Graham

The Heart of Darkness                   V11            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Kemple, Kinder, Parady

The Scratch                                      V11            Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 None

Levels Sit Start                                 V11            Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Erik Kubiak

Bothers Keeper                                V11            Pioneer Valley, MA                   Kinder                  None

Under the Big Top                           V11            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Kemple                ?

Shoot to Kill                                      V11            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Mike Galoob      None

Sweet Bulimia                                  V11            Hunter's Rock, PA                     Zweig                   None

The Hunger Artist                            V11            Hunter's Rock, PA                     Zweig                   Randy Burks

The Crucifix                                     V11            Niagara Glen, ON                      Villeneuve           None

Venus in Scorpio                              V10/11      Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Many

Yosemite Crack                               V10/11      Haycock Mountain, PA           Char Fetterolf     None

Stereogram                                       V10/11      Farley, MA                                  Joel Brady           Myers, Majka, Graham

Oobleck                                             V10+          Wendell, MA                              Majka                  Bourque

Squinos                                              V10+          Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Many

Sneaky Bird                                      V10            Farley, MA                                  Holub                   Majka

Babies with Rabies                          V10            Farley, MA                                  Kemple                Many

Koma's Roof                                    V10            Rat Rock, Central Park, NY    Koma                   Many

Revolution                                        V10            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Kemple                Graham

SUAPM                                             V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Graham               Many

Y2K9 Roof                                       V10            Pioneer Valley, MA                   Ward Smith        Many

Conquest of the Irrational             V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Parady                 Many

Check Your Head                           V10            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Many

All Aboard the Pain Train              V10            Sundown, NH                             Graham               Parady

Sweat of the Rapist                         V10            Central Park, NY                       Greene                 Many

Hueco Nightmares                          V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Graham               Parady, Kinder

The Devastating Reverend Tom  V10            Rumney, NH                              Graham               Canardo Fragila

Corner the Market                           V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Graham               Parady, Osterhoff

Neil's Nuts                                         V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Graham               Parady

Jefe                                                     V10            Peter's Kill, NY                            Greene                 Many

Khadeja                                            V10            Peter's Kill, NY                            Greene                 Many

Blaow                                                V10            Pawtuckaway, NH                    Graham               Many

Orgasm                                              V10            Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Danforth, Vinokur

Death Penalty                                  V10            Gunks, NY                                  Greene                 Wilder

Magnetic                                           V10            Peter's Kill, NY                            Greene                 Many

Dragon Turns                                   V10            Gunks, NY                                  Kehl                      Many

The Opus                                           V10            Haycock Mountain, PA           Pete Ziegenfuss  None

Secret Weapon                                 V10            Peter's Kill, NY                            Chris Sharma     Graham, Parady

The Wad                                           V10            Peter's Kill, NY                            Vinokur               Greene

Press Your Luck                               V10            Pioneer Valley, MA                   Kemple                Graham

Swisher Sweets                                 V10            Pioneer Valley, MA                   Kemple                None

Stand and Deliver                            V10            Pawtuckaway                            Kemple                Graham

Brick Bop                                          V10            Farley, MA                                  Majka                  Many

Scarub                                               V10            Farley, MA                                  Graham               Majka, Holub

Requiem for a Samurai                  V10            Rattlesnake Mountain, CT      Theriault              None

Barbed Wire                                     V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Kemple                Philippe Naulot, Galoob

Who Run Tings                                V10            Niagara Glen                              Smith                   None

Satan on a Half Shell                     V10            Rumney, NH                                                           

Because Stone Cold Says So        V10            Farley, MA                                  Brady                   None

Spare Change                                   V10            Farley, MA                                  ?                            Majka

Bloody Sunday                                V10            Smuggler's Notch, VT               Bill Patton           None

The Wilder Cave Problem              V10            Bolton, VT                                  Wilder                  None

Selassie                                              V10            Sourland Mountain, NJ            Redmond            Kent Sommerville

Upraising                                           V10            Sourland Mountain, NJ            Redmond            Jones, Sommerville

Peligro                                                V10            Haycock Mountain, PA           Redmond            None

Loomit                                               V10            Rumney, NH                              Kinder                  Kemple

Supreme Clientele                           V10            Rumney, NH                              Kinder                  Kemple

Flying Goat...                                    V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Myers                   ?

High School Egg Project                 V10            Lincoln Woods, RI                    Kemple                Many

Bloodsport                                        V10            Milford, MA                               Lee Soares          Naulot

Ground Zero                                     V10            Arcadia SP, RI                           Galoob                 None

Tornado G-Spot                               V10            Big Rocks, PA                            Zweig                   Burks

The Green Stream                           V10            Big Rocks, PA                            Burks                   None

Rigormortis                                       V10            Niagara Glen, ON                  Matt Corstorphine             Many

Closed Eye Visuals                          V10            Niagara Glen, ON                      Irving                   None

Funk-Shwey                                     V10            Niagara Glen, ON                      Adam Zarzycki None

Fuga                                                   V10            Land of the Overhangs, ME    Dave Sharrat      None