Blog of the Week - Rock Climbing Life

So this blog,, was recommended by a denizen of the forums.  I had never seen it before and decided to check it out.  My first reaction was one of utter confusion: is this guy for real or is he poking fun at all the craziness of climbing.  If he is for real, all I can say is Wow!  If he is playing the humor game, I say well done!  Here are some examples of the insanity:

"Climbing with a Life Coach: the only way to the top"

"Climbing outdoors is great. It’s one of the best ways to climb. But it is so much more involved. You have to pack your pack, drive to the crag, hike in, gear up, rope up, lead a route, make an anchor…. annnnddddd…. now its 3:00pm and you’ve only been up one route. If you want to get strong, sacrifice the outdoors for a year, and focus on spending time at the gym climbing routes, and running laps."

and, finally, this gem:

"When people first start climbing, they think that they need a lot of finger strength and big biceps. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The most important part of your body when you climb, is your legs. The stronger your legs are, the less weight you put on your fingers. When you see Chris Sharma dynoing from a hold, 70 feet above the water, it’s not his fingers or arms he’s using to propel him to the jug, it’s his legs! Do squats and leg presses, and really tone those thighs. Your hands are only used to keep you on the wall. You shouldn’t have much weight, if any, on those fingers."

Also, make sure to check out the comments on his posts, people sure get riled up quickly on the interwebs!