Blog of the Week - Crux Crush

Back in college, I learned to climb from a friend’s girlfriend, Amanda.  Amanda led me up routes in Yosemite and Castle Rock, taught me to rappel, and started me down the road to becoming a climber.  Little did I know that Amanda was a rarity back then, a woman who climbed for herself and not to just tag along with her boyfriend (Amanda’s boyfriend was a surfer).  Since then, women have flocked to climbing and found an amazing sport that challenges you physically and mentally.  Despite the large increase in the number of woman climbers, the climbing media has still been mostly run by men. 

Fortunately, three local women are making a strong effort to change that with their awesome blog Crux Crush.  Their blog is updated regularly with climbing news, gear reviews, and our favorite feature the Girl Crush of the Month where they interview women who are leaders in the climbing world.  My daughter has been involved with climbing since she was born, but since turning 13 has just now started to embrace climbing as her own.  As a dad and as a climber, I am pleased that Crux Crush is promoting climbing for women and positive role models for her to emulate.

On their site, the Crux Crush ladies stated goal for their blog is:  “We want this page to be a place to connect more women to climbing and all that we love about climbing, from the physical to emotional to spiritual to cultural (and in cultural, we also include the fashion, yes the fashion of climbing).”  It’s our opinion, that they are “crushing” this goal.  Check them out here.