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This week’s blog of the week is a site that will not only motivate you to get better at climbing but give you the ins and outs of how to get better at climbing.  Kris “Odub” Hampton’s The Power Company blog provides tons of info on training for bouldering and routes.  In his blog posts he provides real world, nuts and bolts training tips and case study feedback on the results of his own training and some of his clients.  Though I don’t always agree with Kris’ ideas (particularly his bias against aerobic training), I particularly like how Kris isn’t afraid to discuss the mistakes he and his clients make in their training.  Most training books and websites are focused on do this and only this, while Kris’ delves deeply into the fact that no one training program is going to work for everyone.  Trial and, unfortunately, error is the way to getting better at the complex sport of climbing.  Check this blog out at