Northeast's Hardest Problems - 2014

We have finally have completed the first cut of the Northeast’s Hardest Boulder Problems list.  Click here to see the list.  As previously stated, we have eliminated the V10s from the list because there are just too many.  I’m sure the list needs work, I probably missed a bunch of problems and maybe some problems need to be downgraded.  You can post on our forum or e-mail me at with your comments.  Here are some interesting numbers from the list:

Most first ascents: Dave Graham (18), Ivan Greene (13), and Dave Theriault (8)

Most hard problems: Gunks (42), Bradley (16), and Pawtuckaway (13)

Problems by grade in 2003: V14 (0), V13/14 (0), V13 (2), V12/13 (1), V12 (3), V11/12 (3), V11 (16)

Problems by grade in 2014: V14 (3), V13/14 (2), V13 (18), V12/13 (2), V12 (34), V11/12 (7), V11 (75)

Those are some impressive numbers that there were 25 V11 and up problems in the Northeast in 2003 and eleven years later there are 141!