Northeast's Best Update

Just updated the results to date on the voting for the best boulder problems (V1 through V8) in the Northeast.  Click here to check out the results and cast your vote!  We will be adding V9 through V11 next week.  Here is a summary of the results so far:

V1: Zig Zag Crack at Rumney, 71 votes (63% of the votes), Cream at Pawtuckaway, 17 votes

V2: The Whip at Pawtuckaway, 31 votes (26% of the votes), The Wave at Lincoln Woods, 28 votes

V3: Hobbit Hole at Pawtuckaway, 45 votes (39% of the votes), The Pond Cave Traverse at Lincoln Woods, 25 votes

V4: Overlooked at Pawtuckaway, 42 votes (27% of the votes), Heart of Glass at Lincoln Woods, 41 votes

V5: Sleeping Giant at Happy Valley, 22 votes (24% of the votes), Snooze Button at Great Barrington, 15 votes

V6: Ride the Lightning at Pawtuckaway, 34 votes (46% of the votes), Coitus, Snow Mountain, 10 votes

V7: Up in Smoke, Pawtuckaway, 13 votes (14% of the votes), The Buddha at the Gunks, 7 votes

V8: Appetite for Destruction at Farley, 34 votes (37% of the votes), Dopeman at Pawtuckaway, each with 11 votes

The V7 grade is the most competitive with a tie for first and the next problem (Homefront Arete) only one vote from the top.  Voting is still open, so these results can still change.  Pawtuckaway is definitely the most popular bouldering area in New England with 5 of the 8 top problems in the Northeast!

Zig Zag Crack at Rumney, the top vote getter across all grades!

Zig Zag Crack at Rumney, the top vote getter across all grades!