Blog of the Week - The Rock Climber's Training Manual

Bouldering season is fast approaching, so to prepare you for sending your projects our blog of the week is one of the best training websites out there: The Rock Climber’s Training Manual.  The Anderson brothers, Mike and Mark, have taken their years of rock climbing training experience and research and produced one of the best training books available.  This book builds upon the work of Goddard, Neumann, and Horst, to name a few, to provide clear and concise information on why and how to train for climbing your best.  Best of all, the Anderson’s maintain their website and post regularly at providing opportunity for questions and feedback on your own personal training program.

One of my complaints over the years about many training books was that bouldering was always part of the training programs but it was rare that there would be a specific program FOR bouldering.  The Anderson’s have included programs and training exercises specifically for improving at bouldering (in addition to great programs for sport climbing).  Although the differences in training should be obvious, it is nice to see the training needs for bouldering specifically addressed in a sensible manner.  At a minimum, the Anderson’s hang board workouts are worth the price of admission.  Check them out here.

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