Mad Rock Redline Shoe Review

Back in the heart of the bouldering boom, there was no one that was more enthusiastic or tried harder than Obe Carrion.  The yin to Chris Sharma’s yang, Obe took the bouldering world by storm with his personality and hard sends.  Who can forget Obe yelling at himself to not let go (Don’t you let go) in the Big Up classic Free Hueco?  Unfortunately, Obe burned out and left the climbing scene for a while.  Fortunately, Obe is back and has put his enthusiasm into coaching (heard of Ashima?) and designing gear for Mad Rock. 

Obe hooked us up with a pair of his new Mad Rock shoes, the Redline to test drive.  Here’s our take on the “game-changing climbing shoe that pushes you through the redline for the send.”

  • First impression out of the box, these shoes are well designed, well made, and look good! 

  • The sizing was right in line with my street shoes, which I thought would be too big.  However, these shoes aren’t designed to stretch and the fit was perfect from the start.

  • The elastic support bands that keep the tongue in place are genius.  There is no way for the tongue to be anywhere than where it should be.

  • Can you say aggressive?!?  The concave sole and Arch Flex Technology creates a super aggressive fit that works on the steepest of boulder problems.  One thing is for sure, this ain’t no slab climbing shoe!

Overall, these shoes get a higher rating as the angle of your projects gets steeper.  The aggressive fit focuses the power on the toe and for steep climbs; you won’t find a better shoe.  If you are into slabs or lower angle climbs, this shoe is not the one for you.  All of us here at are glad that Obe is back, the bouldering scene always needs more enthusiasm and definitely less letting go!