NEB is Back

We are back, oh yeah, we are back.  Some of you (most of you) are probably thinking “Who the fuck are you, and why do I care that you are back???”  From 1999 to 2003 (it has been so long that I had to check for the time frame), I ran, a website dedicated to bouldering (and a bit of trad and sport) in the northeast.  I like to think that it achieved a modest level of popularity and brought together the climbing community in New England (and beyond).  In theory, running the website was a job (there was some money made) but it hardly seemed like work.  I put a lot of time and effort into it, and definitely received way more in return.  Then, around 2003, the desire faded, life got busy and the website fell into obscurity.  There were a few half-hearted attempts to revive it, but without THE desire, none of the attempts had much success.

Well, eleven years has passed by.  I am officially old, my kids are now 10 and 13 (how did that happen?), and life is as busy or busier than ever.  Yet, with the start of a new year, that desire started stirring again.  It feels odd, yet it feels as if it was always there, kind of smoldering, just waiting to ignite again.  I guess, the time just seems right.  Bouldering and climbing in New England have never been more popular.  So many areas, problems, and routes have been popped up since 2003 and so many new amazing climbing gyms have opened their doors that it almost seems like everyone climbs now.  I’m hoping this spark turns into a flame and this website can gain back some level of its former glory.  Will it happen?  Who knows, but let’s find out…