A bunch of great problems here but the voting will probably be a runaway with one of these problems having made Urban Climber's (remember that mag?) top 100 boulder problems in America!  Let's see how the voting goes....  The results through 10/20/14 are posted below.

The nominees for the best V10 in the Northeast are:

Speed of Life-  Farley MA - 26 votes
Sterogram - Farley MA - 14 votes
Babies with Rabies - Farley MA - 8 votes
Satan's Sister Sally - Rumney NH - 7 votes
Truth and Lies - Smuggler's Notch VT - 5 votes
Something from Nothing - Great Barrington - MA - 2 votes
Jefe - Gunks NY - 1 vote
Pressure Drop - Great Barrington MA - 1 vote
Satan on a Half Shell - Rumney NH - 1 vote
Ideas are Bulletproof - Gunks NY - 1 vote
Press Your Luck - Happy Valley MA - 1 vote
Y2K9 - Hideaway MA
OG-18 - Hope Falls, NY
Flying Nimbus - Weather Caves CT
Scarub - Farley MA

Please only vote once per day, we will be tracking IP addresses to ensure a fair voting process.  Thanks.

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