Although I have no chance of ever climbing any of these problems, I have seen most of them and they are among the proudest lines in all the Northeast.  The lines that you walk up to and dream of climbing.  These are world class lines and the voting should be very tight.  The results through 10/20/14 are posted below.

The nominees for the best V11+ in the Northeast are:

Suspect Device - Central CT - 28 votes

Pretty Bloc Swag - Pawtuckaway NH - 13 votes

Halcyon - Pawtuckaway NH - 8 votes

Stand and Deliver - Pawtuckaway NH - 6 votes

Party Wolf - Farley MA - 4 votes

Sister's Savior - Happy Valley MA - 2 votes

Venus in Scorpio - Gunks NY - 1 vote

Gnar Wall - Brant Lake, NY - 2 votes

Busted Shadow - Central CT

Please only vote once per day, we will be tracking IP addresses to ensure a fair voting process.  Thanks.

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