Gears That Are Must For You To Have Before You Go For Bouldering

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gear picks for beginner rock climber

Bouldering is one of all those exciting and entertaining activities that are fun and health-conscious both together. Yes, if you are heading towards the bouldering activity, you should learn that you are heading towards something that can make your body and mind stay fit and healthy. These are the basic benefits due to which a people are getting just crazy for this sport and it is among the top tending activities in various parts of the world today.

Whether you are willing to do bouldering in an indoor complex that is specially designed for this work, or you want to do it at the rock formations out there in the market. The best part about it is that you will require some of the best gears, without which your climbing is going to be somewhat difficult. Hence, the gear you need for bouldering are mentioned below:-

  • Quantum Climbing Shoe:- what do you think you will be wearing on your foot when you want to make the bouldering process a little bit smoother and easier for you? If you are thinking that you are going to pursue this activity with bare foot or by wearing your casual sports shoes, then you are absolutely wrong, and hence you are going to need quantum climbing shoes for this process. The Quantum shoes are an important part of the climbing gear for beginners.
  • Anti Funk shoe bag: When you take care of the equipment, the equipment will surely benefit you when you need them. Yes, that is what you should think while you purchase the shoe cover or shoe bag for your quantum shoes. These climbing shoes are of some different category and hence you are probably going to be in need of some cover using which you will be able to keep them safe.


  • Base camp Flip flop:-  The shoes you have bought are extensively only for your climbing purpose and you are not supposed to use them in your trips to the washroom. Yes, it is one of the most important things that everyone should understand and hence should order the Flip Flop to move here and there in the camp. It is one of the most important gear picks for beginner rock climbers and everyone should buy it no matter what.

These were some of the basic foot essential gears that one is supposed to buy for bouldering!